If you are ever confronted by an attacker,there are a few key things you can do to try n divert the situation.Read this article and learn some of the tips that have worked in the past.On that note,have a safe and happy holiday season from all the staff at Cedar Publishing :)



You are confronted by a potential attacker

  • Many everyday things may be used as effective defensive weapons, but any weapon is worthless if it is not there when you need it. Make a habit of keeping certain items in your purse or vehicle:
  • Whistle – loud blasts will frighten off all but the must determined attacker.
  • Pen or pencil
  • Letter opener
  • Keys
  • Don’t run blindly. Trying to escape by running into an alley, a darkened side street, or an unlighted park may only make you less safe.
  • If you realize you cannot reach a safe place before the attacker catches up, stop. Turn and face your attacker. Don’t give him the advantage of grabbing you from behind.

If you are caught by a dangerous but unarmed assailant and can’t get away

  • Stall for time by talking to him; try to interrupt his thoughts.


You sometimes have to put up with small inconveniences to keep yourself safe. These inconveniences at home, out driving and walking, are generally very small compared to being attacked or becoming a victim of crime. Using the common sense rules mentioned here will cut down your chances of becoming a victim.

Always trust your instincts – If something feels strange or bad to you, it is. Act to protect yourself.

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